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Read this article on British immigrants in Bulgaria and then read the sentences following the text. Your task is to decide which of the options A, B, C or D best completes each sentence according to the information in the text.

Influx of 'spongers' - from the UK

Immigrants are being accused of drug dealing, tax-dodging, sponging off the state and taking advantage of free healthcare. The immigrants are Britons − and their accusers are Bulgarians.
After all the complaints at home about migrants from eastern Europe, Britons are on the receiving end as they take advantage of Bulgaria’s low cost of living, cheap property and mild climate.
Martin Rogers, 66, who moved to Bulgaria after retiring, said locals were just jealous because British people were buying up the best properties and had more money. But Peter Kandilarov, regional director for Varna in eastern Bulgaria, said he was fed up with dealing with British troublemakers who cause problems with drugs, run unlicensed bars and dodge taxes. He said: “We are getting flooded with requests from British people who want free dental care - but do any of them pay health insurance? No.”
Cheap flights and Bulgaria’s entry into the European Union have made the country an attractive destination for Britons. At first they were welcomed but now many complain about their behaviour and alleged disregard for local laws.
Property firm Asta Bridge estimates 29 per cent of all real estate in Bulgaria is owned by foreigners − 67 per cent of them British and Irish.


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