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In this article about illegal trade on the internet some phrases have been left out. Your task is to match the sentences on the left with the gaps on the right. Remember that there are two extra phrases that you will not need. Write the letters of the missing phrases in the boxes next to the numbers. Click on the button "Check answers" when you have entered all your answers. If you make a mistake, please try again: you must find all the correct answers to complete this task.
A advertised as being in London

B the opportunities offered

C worth billions

D being taken

E used in cosmetics

F claimed to be over a hundred years old

G the arms and drug trades

H a Congo-based operation

I being wiped out

K protected by law

L business deals

M based around the world
Tigers and gorillas - for sale on the internet

Investigators say internet trade in endangered animals is (1) and could wipe out entire species.
Thousands of endangered animals supposedly (2) are being traded openly on the internet and sold as “exotic pets”, say wildlife crime investigators working with an international animal charity.
An investigation of nearly 100 websites (3) found a “shocking” selection of rare and endangered animals for sale. They included a hand-reared Siberian tiger (£40,000), an adolescent gorilla (£4,500) (4) , and other rare primates, falcons, seahorses, and whole shells of turtles.
The gorilla for sale in London may not have actually existed, said an IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) spokeswoman yesterday. “Possibly it was advertised by (5) which would capture an animal to order.”
Guaranteed to be real, however, were the turtle-shells, shawls made from the Tibetan antelope and a stuffed tiger, (6) but looking suspiciously fresh.
The internet has revolutionised shopping for books, DVDs and airline tickets, but it has also opened up great opportunities to deal in illegal wildlife, which, according to the UN, is worth billions of pounds a year and now rivals (7) in scale.
“This trade has devastating implications for both wildlife conservation and animal welfare. Entire populations of certain species risk (8) by overexploitation. Millions of animals suffer immensely during hunting or in transit and captivity. Many die and this results in more (9) from the wild”, the IFAW spokeswoman said.
Trade on the internet is easy, cheap and anonymous. It is clear that unscrupulous traders and criminal gangs are taking advantage of (10) . The result is a cyber black market where the future of the world’s rarest animals is being traded away.

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