Nyelvhelyesség - Task 2

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You are going to read an article about dinosaurs. Some words are missing from the text. Choose the most appropriate answer from the options for each gap in the text.

Hunter dinos

One of the biggest of the meat-eating dinosaurs may have hunted in groups, (1)______ experts in Argentina.
At least seven T. rex-sized Mapusaurus roseae have (2)______ together in the Patagonia region of the country. It is possible that hunting together enabled the two-legged animal to overpower (3)______ plant-eating dinosaurs.
Details of the discoveries have (4)______ in the scientific journal Geodiversitas. Author Rodolfo Coria of the Carmen Funes Museum said the discovery showed evidence of social behaviour in Mapusaurus. The excavation 24 km south of Plaza Huincul found hundreds of bones from several Mapusaurs (5)______ none from any other creature. Dr Coria said the evidence suggested the animals were together before they died. Though it was possible they hunted in groups, (6)______ was no direct evidence for this, he added.
Philip Currie of the University of Alberta in Canada speculated that hunting in groups might have allowed Mapusaurs (7)______ attack the biggest known plant-eating dinosaurs. However, it is not clear (8)______ the animals cooperated in hunting, as wolves or lions do, or simply gathered around (9)______ one of them had made a kill. Dr Currie said it was hard to say (10)______ the biggest specimen was because no complete skeleton had been found. He estimated it might have measured about 12.3 m.


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