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You are going to read an article about stealing from hotels. Some words are missing from the text. Your task is to write the missing words in the boxes. Use only one word in each gap. When you have entered all your answers, cick on the button Check answers. If you make a mistake, please try again until all your answers are correct. If you don't know the answer, click on Give me a letter - but you'll lose points.

Stealing from hotels

Toilet seats and brushes, paintings and a medieval sword are among items stolen hotel rooms, a survey says. A hotel owner's dog, a four foot high wooden bear, and a spy hole from a hotel room door are also some of the items that been stolen from hotels in Britain.

survey of 1,000 hotel owners and managers by Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine found that stealing by customers widespread, with towels at the top of the list.

But guests can also surprising items behind, such false teeth, false eyeballs and wigs. Four per cent of those questioned had found artificial arms and legs. As as 6% reported that people had left a family member behind before checking . A third of hoteliers said towels were the commonly stolen items from their rooms, with one in five reporting bathrobes stolen as well. More 10% of staff reported toilet rolls as the items most often taken and 1% said penny-pinching guests would even steal the light bulbs from their rooms.

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