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Olvasott szöveg értése - Task 4

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2011. május

Read this article on a martial arts expert and then read the statements following it. Decide whether the statements are true or false, according to the article, or if there isn’t enough information in the text to decide. Use the arrows <= and => to move between the questions. You needn't answer the questions in the given order but you must answer all of them correctly to complete this task. If you make a mistake, you must try again until you find the right answer.

Pensioner joins martial art elite

George Kerr, 72, a Scottish pensioner, has become one of only seven living people to hold judo's highest rank.
He was named a "10th Dan" black belt at a ceremony held by the International Judo Federation in Paris. He is one of only five non-Japanese people who have won the award. It recognises Mr Kerr's contribution to the sport as a competitor, coach, referee and administrator.
Mr Kerr, who runs a judo club for children in Edinburgh, said he was very happy to get the award. He received it in Paris last Wednesday. Mr Kerr told BBC Scotland: "I feel humbled and proud to be the first Scotsman to receive this honour. I was slightly embarrassed because most of the people that get it are in their 80s while I am only 72."
Mr Kerr, who has written a number of books on judo, insisted he had no plans to slow down as he grew older. He added: "If you give up, if you retire, you die. I will never retire. I just don't work as hard as I used to work but retiring is not on my horizon. I think the sport gives you many things in your life. It teaches you discipline and honesty, and many other things that can contribute to young kids' lives."
Mr Kerr was also honoured by the Japanese government last month for his efforts to bring the people of Japan and the UK closer. He won the gold medal in the 1957 European Championships in Rotterdam and a string of other awards, and is currently president of the British Judo Association.
Mr Kerr began practising judo when he was eight and as a young man won a scholarship to study the sport in Japan for four years.