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Nyelvhelyesség - Task 1

Angol középszintű érettségi, 2015. május

• You are going to read an article about a 16-year-old girl's school project. Some words are missing from the text.
• Your task is to write the missing words in the boxes.
• Use only one word in each gap.
• At the real exam, the first question is always an example - here you have to solve it too.
• If you make a mistake, please try again until you find all the correct answers - note that this is of course different at the exam too because there you don't have a second (or third) chance. The scoring is also different here because of this; if you want to see your real life score, only count your correct answers that you got right first time.

Erica David lives in Pinedale, Wyoming, where winter (1) bring temperatures of minus 37 degrees Celsius, howling winds, and a lot of snow. So (2) was natural that she chose to study snow for her school science fair project in sixth grade.
Now in high school, Erica is in her fifth year of snow experiments, and is well (3) her way to becoming a snow expert. She started with a basic question: Could snow fences (4) built to work better?
These important structures (5) used to keep snowdrifts from covering areas like roads or train tracks or to help build up snow where it can help with water shortages in spring when it melts. “Also, I wanted to protect my animals (6) the blowing snow,” says Erica.
Before she could test fence designs, Erica had to figure out (7) would act like real snow in her experiments. She tested flour, sugar, and detergents. She used a wind tunnel to see (8) one of them acted most like snow blown into a fence. She chose dishwasher powder.
Science fairs offer the opportunity (9) test hypotheses and meet other researchers. But perhaps the best reward is that her research is already being put to good use.

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