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• In the following interview with astronaut Al Worden the questions have been removed.
• Your task is to match the questions to the answers.
• Remember that there is one extra question that you will not need.
• At the real exam, the first question is always an example - here you have to solve it too.
• If you make a mistake, please try again until you find all the correct answers - note that this is of course different at the exam too because there you don't have a second (or third) chance. The scoring is also different here because of this; if you want to see your real life score, only count your correct answers that you got right first time.

The loneliest human being

On each of the six Apollo missions to the Moon, one member of the crew stayed in the command module that flew around the Moon while the two other astronauts actually landed. Al Worden was one of these command module pilots.
It’s kind of funny that everybody’s interested in those who land on the Moon, but the person who stays in orbit can collect a lot more scientific data. For example, I photographed about 25% of the lunar surface.
First, I wished them luck: “I hope you land okay!” The second thought was: “Wow, I’m glad they’ve gone because I’ve got this place all to myself.”
Let’s get this clear: being alone and being lonely are not the same thing. I totally enjoyed it. On the backside of the Moon I didn’t even have to talk to Houston!
Yes, true, but I didn’t think about that distance! I had billions of stars to look at. You just can’t imagine how enormous the universe can feel!
I didn’t need someone chatting to me all the time. I had a lot of work to do. But, of course, if anything serious happens, then you really do want to contact them.
I was, and still am, an absolute Beatles fan – I just love them. I also carried some Elton John, some John Denver and the Blue Danube Waltz.
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