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• Read the following advice on how to be a good writer and then read the half sentences that follow the text.
• Your task is to match the half sentences based on the information in the text.
• Remember that there is one extra half sentence that you will not need.
• At the real exam, the first question is always an example - here you have to solve it too.
• If you make a mistake, please try again until you find all the correct answers - note that this is of course different at the exam too because there you don't have a second (or third) chance. The scoring is also different here because of this; if you want to see your real life score, only count your correct answers that you got right first time.

How to be a best-selling author

Great tips from international bestselling author Sophie Kinsella

Always carry a notebook
You can do a lot with a bit of overheard dialogue. Get into the habit of looking at life like a writer and writing it all down.
Write the book that you want to read
Go into a shop and imagine the book that would make you want to take it off the shelf. The chances are that other people would too.
Don't talk about what you're writing
I am very secretive when I'm writing a new book. The minute you share it and ask for opinions, it will just get in the way of your creativity.
Just get to the end
It's the hardest thing and it's the most important thing! Everybody can reach a dead-end or get bored – don’t give up!
Walk and drink cocktails
If I get stuck, I'll go out for a walk with my husband, find a bar and we'll order cocktails and talk. It really turns the whole thing into a fun project.
Consider a pen-name
There is one great advantage to having a pen-name. It gives you a bit of privacy and you won’t be stopped at every street corner.

1) Sophie Kinsella is a popular author...
2) You must do what real writers do...
3) Write the sort of book that you’d love to read...
4) Keep your ideas to yourself...
5) Continue writing...
6) Go out and have some fun...
7) Don’t use your own name...
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